Should men use different skincare products?

More than 40% of men suffer from skin problems related to shaving. A blunt razor or insufficient lubrication during shaving causes scratches, cuts, or bumps to the blade. Because men's skin is so different from women's skin, they require a different, specific approach to skin care. So what does all this mean when it comes to the products we buy? Some women's skin care products may be more hydrating than men's, says Dr.

Aside from that, the ingredients in men's and women's skincare products are often the same, according to Dr. Not really, says Saxon Smith, a member of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. The best thing to do is to base your skincare routine on your skin type and specific concerns, rather than relying on skin care products of each gender. It's not uncommon to stroll through drugstores and see that there is a clear disparity between skin care products for men and women.

Mark says he doesn't go for skincare products that are promoted as products for men, mostly because he's found one that works and sticks with it. Dr. Smith says that many of us fall into the trap of buying lots of different skin care products because of the various claims that appear on the packaging.